At Outsider we believe in helping people achieve their creative potential. We believe that great ideas and stories can inspire, entertain and bring us together. And, that through positive collective endeavour, we can overcome any challenge. 

We are a family. For over 20 years we have nurtured the very best Directors and Producers in the industry, and we are bound together by our love of filmmaking craft and our commitment to exceptional service.

Alongside our up and coming talent engine Rebel and specialist Sport division iNSIDER we collaborate with Advertising Agencies, Media Companies, Broadcasters and Brands to produce films for every platform and any audience.


COVID-19 is a truly unique obstacle that has seen all industries, not just our own, severely hampered by its presence. And yet, many directors and producers have found new ways to tell amazing stories in the face of the restrictions, ourselves included of course. As we continue to navigate the ever changing landscape in line with Government guidelines we want you to know that we  are here to help - providing production  insight, creative guidance, and reassurance to all our collaborators that there is a safe, responsible and expertly crafted way to still shoot content, both in the UK and abroad, across the rest of 2020 and beyond. 

Please give us a call.