From Original broadcast productions for BT Sport, Sky, Fox and Red Bull through to Branded Content for Allianz, adidas, G-SHOCK, Unilever and Nike, FRIDAY @ OUTSIDER have spent the past decade carving out a niche in Sports & Entertainment through innovative thinking and boundless energy, and taken on projects touching every genre and every platform. Whether it's dodging avalanches in remote British Columbia or ducking gigantic waves in Tahiti, FRIDAY have gained access to the inner sanctums of some of the world’s top brands and taken on highly complex shoots in the most challenging of environments.

Complimenting their unique production ecosystem FRIDAY also represent a variety of professional athletes and media personalities around the World. From some of the best young winter Olympic medal hopefuls to top professional surfers to new cooking sensations, they manage a range of young talent for whom content is placed at the front and centre of their profiles. FRIDAY have the skills and experience necessary to maximise exposure, guide their careers and help them achieve their goals and ambitions.

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